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The Coronado Scavenger Hunt

Coronado is Spanish for "crowned one", and thus it is nicknamed The Crown City. Explore Historic Coronado with your staff on this incredible Team Building activity. Your team will enjoy a fun activity in one of the most gorgeous neighborhood in San Diego. This experience that will not only inform them about this great place, but will also provide them with a great bonding experience too.

The Gaslamp Quarter Scavenger Hunt

With San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp Quarter as the playing field, we will divide your group into teams and pit them against each other in a Scavenger Hunt to lay claim to has the most competitive, smartest, unique, gutsy, and creative genius. Your guides will do their best steer your team to victory, but discovering the keys to the clues and finding the answers are up to you. In this exciting and fun hunt, guests are left in gut-wrenching laughter, as they look to solve clues and accomplish a series of tasks as they race against the clock to seek victory over their peers.

The Amazing Chase

Friendly competition is one of the best ways to foster team building. Inspired by the hit TV show The Amazing Race, this outdoor activity will require coworkers to band together to achieve each challenge and complete The Amazing Chase. From brain teasers to physical challenges to problem solving, this competition will leave your organization bonded with fits of laughs!

Art Inspiration

No painting experience necessary! Our professional painting instructor will guide your team step by step to create featured painting of the day. The main objectives of our Art Inspiration Team Building Activity is to gain clarity and focus around an important subject (i.e. corporate vision, core values, conference theme, new product) so that both staff and company are moving in the same direction. We can cater this for small or large groups, individual or group canvas. Our programs are flexible and mobile so we can either come to your business premises or your event venue location. So lets find your inner Picasso and paint together!
99.00ON SALE for $75.00

Canvas & Cork

This isn't a serious painting course- it's art entertainment for your team. An experienced artist will guide your team in a step-by-step process to replicate our featured painting. With the right guidance, some good wine, frequent breaks and professional equipment, it's so much easier than you think! Leave your worries at the door and and we will do the rest. "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort." ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
$199.00ON SALE for $149.00

The La Jolla Scavenger Hunt

Who is Ellen Browning Scripps? How many of us can we fit into that weird small space? Which person on our team will ask a complete stranger to marry them? Accomplish these tasks and more as you and your teammates explore “The Jewel” of San Diego, La Jolla, in competitive fashion. Your divided Team-Building teams will be guided around the beautiful La Jolla coastline and it’s glamorous village in search of victory. In this Scavenger Hunt, you will be forced to explore the seaside town to answer clues and perform a hilarious set of tasks, both as a team and as individuals, as you attempt to out-guile your opponents and be proclaimed the WINNER!

Gaslamp Flavor & History Food Tour

On this fun and innovative tour, we will guide you on a fantastic adventure exploring the Historic Gaslamp Quarter. Not only does this area have a rich history, but it is now famous for delicious food and a phenomenal nightlife. This area is the heart of America’s finest city. Learn the secrets behind our historic buildings as you to travel back in time with us. Enjoy our most popular food tour that will not only satisfy your curiosity, but it will also satisfy your hunger too!

Gaslamp Segway Scavenger Hunt

Your team’s mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to zip across San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp Quarter and Embarcadero in search of clues, answers, and completing tasks. Our guides will divide your group into teams and pit them against each other in Spy vs Spy fashion on this exhilarating scavenger hunt riding Segways. An experience that only Another Side Tours offers. The competitive juices will boil to the surface while high-fiving and laughing on your mission to claim inner-office bragging rights.


For the corporate teams that need and deserve a big step outside of the office we offer luxurious VIP experiences and unique tours that are guaranteed to take your breath away, but still keep you alive.

Whether you are looking for a challenging team building adventure or just a fun day of special treatment like a leisurely Segway® tour, we have the experience for you!

We can specially tailor our tours for any occasion and can accommodate any group size. Step out of the office and into adventure.

And one more thing… be prepared for FUN!