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The Early Bird City & Bay E-Bike Tour

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure on our Early Bird City & Bay E-Bike Tour in San Diego, where you'll experience the thrill of riding an electric bike while soaking in the awe-inspiring views of the bay and breathtaking city skyline. During this leisurely two-hour tour, you'll have the opportunity to explore the stunning sights along the Embarcadero boardwalk, immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this iconic waterfront area. As you cruise along, the historic Gaslamp Quarter will unfold before your eyes, showcasing its rich heritage and captivating charm. Prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the Embarcadero as you ride along its scenic route, capturing glimpses of the sparkling bay. But the adventure doesn't end there! Our tour takes you even further as you venture into the charming neighborhood of Little Italy. Explore its vibrant streets, savor the delightful aromas of authentic Italian cuisine, and revel in the lively atmosphere that permeates the area. This tour is offered daily at 8:00am, 9:00am, and 3:00pm.
$149.00ON SALE for $99.00

The Early Bird Plunge E-Bike Tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey from Downtown La Jolla up to the summit of Mt. Soledad on our state-of-the-art fleet of E-Bikes. This epic adventure promises breathtaking panoramic views of our beautiful city. Starting from the highest coastal mountain top, we'll meander along the sun-kissed beaches of Windansea, Bird Rock, all the way to La Jolla Cove, and explore the Village too. On this scenic ride, we'll feast our eyes on luxurious homes, playful sea lions, stunning ocean views, and the beauty of Mother Nature. To keep you hydrated and energized, we offer complimentary bottled water and snacks. This amazing tour lasts for 2 hours, is offered daily at 9:00am and 3:00pm, and it is ON SALE for $119.00 per guest with a minimum of 2 guests.
$169.00ON SALE for $119.00

The Balboa Park E-Bike Tour

Welcome to the Balboa Park E-Bike Tour, where we're about to let you in on San Diego's best-kept secret! Prepare to uncover what locals already know: Balboa Park is an absolute gem. As the largest urban cultural park in the entire country, it holds a special place among San Diego's many attractions. Get ready to be amazed! Don't miss out on this opportunity to unveil the magic of Balboa Park. Join us on our E-Bike tour and become privy to the secrets that make this park so special. Get ready for a day of adventure, exploration, and unforgettable memories. Book now and let the excitement begin!
$169.00ON SALE for $149.00

The Highlights Express Tour

Don't miss out on the most comprehensive and entertaining tour of San Diego with our Highlights Express Tour, the most popular half-day (4 hour) tour in the city! From the sparkling Coronado to the Historic Gaslamp Quarter, Balboa Park, USS Midway Museum, and The Unconditional Surrender Statue, you will see the absolute best parts of San Diego. But the highlight of the tour is undoubtedly the visit to La Jolla, arguably the most beautiful and posh part of the city, with dramatic ocean views, rugged cliffs, abundant marine life, posh shopping, and fine dining. With many stops along the way, you'll get to explore each sight up close and personal. Book now to experience the city's natural beauty and rich history with the utmost style and class.
$249.00ON SALE for $189.00

The San Diego Highlights Tour

The San Diego Highlights Tour is an all-day adventure that you cannot miss. This comprehensive and entertaining tour takes you to the most beautiful and famous parts of America's Finest City. Starting in Downtown San Diego, you will visit Coronado, The Hotel Del Coronado, The Historic Gaslamp Quarter, Embarcadero, and Balboa Park. You will have a one-hour lunch break in the Gaslamp Quarter before heading to the stunning coastline of La Jolla. This part of the city is known as "The Jewel" and is home to many of San Diego's wealthiest residents. You will explore the natural cove, mysterious caves, rugged cliffs, and abundant marine life, all while enjoying the stunning views of the coastline and mountains. Join us for a day full of adventure, beauty, and amazing backstories. Book now and experience San Diego in the most stylish and classy way possible.
$298.00ON SALE for $199.00!

The Gaslamp Segway & Kayak Combo

Segway Tours represent another step toward the inevitable fusion of man, machine, and commentary track. Give in to technological destiny with this fancy combo option. There is no better way to experience our world famous Gaslamp Segway Tour and beautiful La Jolla . This tour is a blend of mother nature, culture, dramatic ocean views, adventure, art, exhilaration, and most of all fun. At La Jolla Cove, the ocean bottom slopes gently out to sea and the waves roll gently toward the beach, where seals can be found sleeping in the sun. This unique ecology makes the area an ideal entryway into an ocean of fun.
$209.00SAVE $10 per guest! $199.00

The Plunge E-Bike & Kayak Combo

There is no better way to fully experience the world famous and beautiful La Jolla. This tour is a blend of mother nature, high culture, dramatic ocean views, adventure, art, exhilaration, and most of all fun. La Jolla is called the “The Jewel” of San Diego and you will fully know why after enjoying this terrific combination of our best tours here.
$257.00SAVE $38 per guest! $219.00

The Gaslamp Quarter Walking Tour

Step back in time and discover the fascinating history of San Diego's Historic Gaslamp Quarter on a walking tour that you won't want to miss. Explore the unique and eclectic area, originally known as "Rabbitville" after its principal inhabitants. Admire restored Victorian-era buildings like The William Heath Davis House, the oldest surviving structure in San Diego. Enjoy fantastic photo opportunities of the beautiful architecture as you stroll through art galleries, boutiques, shops, and nightclubs. With all details of your tour emailed directly to you after booking, this is an experience you won't forget. Don't miss out on this fascinating walking tour of the Historic Gaslamp Quarter.
$99.00SAVE $24 per guest! $75.00

The Early Bird Segway Tour

This tour has been called the best kept secret in San Diego. It is a great way to start your day and save money too. A new day brings guests into our city's most iconic areas downtown. The Historic Gaslamp Quarter, Petco Park, and The USS Midway are all featured aboard our Segway i2 Personal Transporters. Led by knowledgeable guides, our tour visits many many landmarks. The sum of the adventure on a Segways plus San Diego's natural beauty and metropolis sophistication equals fun. Visitors get a morning full of scenic vistas, insider history, and plenty of dramatic views and photo opportunities.
$75.00ON SALE for $65.00

The La Jolla Segway & Kayak Combo

Discover the allure of La Jolla, San Diego's "Jewel," with an unforgettable land and sea adventure. Glide through picturesque landscapes on a Segway, exploring the Village, stunning beaches, and architectural wonders. Get up close to seals, experience world-class shopping, and savor oceanfront dining. Then, delve into the La Jolla Ecological Reserve with our expert guides. Embark on a kayak journey to encounter diverse marine life, Seven Sea Caves, and seasonal Leopard Shark gatherings. Suitable for ages 8 and up, no experience needed. Customize your adventure, book online, and receive details via email.
$257.00SAVE $38 per guest! $219.00

The Embarcadero Segway Tour

"Embarcadero" is a Spanish word meaning "landing place", however we will rename it the "gliding place". The Embarcadero is home to the Big Bay Front, San Diego's cruise ship terminal, the USS Midway Museum ship, the Star of India and seven other historic vessels belonging to the Maritime Museum. The area is also home to various restaurants and shops from the North Embarcadero down through Seaport Village. The Port has redeveloped the entire area and it is beyond fun to experience on this Segway tour.
$149.00ON SALE for $99.00

The San Diego City & Bay Segway Tour

On this awesome Segway tour, you will learn how to safely operate a Segway and then take off on the adventure of a lifetime. This Segway tour is so popular because it allows you to zip quickly all around the dynamic downtown city area, all the way to our beautiful bay front, while providing a comprehensive sightseeing itinerary without having to be stuck inside a vehicle. Come try the tours that we are famous for on this unforgettable experience in San Diego.
$149.00ON SALE for $99.00

The Sunset Segway Tour

The Sunset Segway Tour is perfect for those looking for an amazing experience and tour route while experiencing San Diego as the sun begins to set. Join us for an unforgettable evening tour through Downtown San Diego's neighborhoods and along the waterfront. Experience unique highlights that are not offered on any other tour!
$99.00ON SALE for $75.00

Plunge Bike & Kayak Tour Combo

This tour is an awesome blend of mother nature, high culture, dramatic ocean views, adventure, exhilaration, and fun. La Jolla is called the “The Jewel” of San Diego and you will fully know why after this life changing tour. This tour blends two popular tours to take in La Jolla. A wonderful ride down Mt. Soledad and through the beautiful neighborhoods by bike and an adventurous kayak tour by sea to take in the caves, see cliffs, and wildlife.
$209.00ON SALE for $199.00

Gaslamp Segway & Taste Tour Combo

Join Another Side Of San Diego Tours for the most unique food tour of the historical Gaslamp Quarter on our Gaslamp Segway® Taste Tour. Your glided exploration will dive into the Gaslamp Quarter's Wild West past and transport you to the trendy modern day Bourbon Street it has become today. Your taste and thirst will be quenched as our fabulous guide takes you to the latest foodie hot spots, having a chance to Segway the calories off as you cruise to and from the downtown sights of America's Finest City.
$348.00SAVE $49 per guest! $299.00

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