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North Park Brewery Tour

The North Park community is known for its hipster feel and funky breweries. Join us for this 5-star rated brewery tour and taste the unique flavors that make San Diego one of America's beer hotspots. In sync with North Park's trendy vibe, the local microbreweries turn out some equally fascinating flavors and seasonal treats.

Downtown San Diego Brewery Tour

Discover why San Diego calls itself the craft brewery capital of America. We specialize in small group and private tours that provide the traveller and beer enthusiast with a unique and high quality experience. On this semi-private tour, we combine an appreciation of San Diego's emerging independent craft beer industry with visits to the abundance of sights interspersed among the stunning scenery that San Diego has to offer.

The Hops Highway Brewery Tour

The Hops Highway is home to some of the biggest names in San Diego brewing. Though the trek is a bit longer, it is well worth it for a taste of some of the finest craft beers in America. This off-the-beaten-path route is where the locals go. Join us as we show you the another side of San Diego breweries!

Private San Diego Brewery

We believe that people want to go on brewery tours for three main reasons: drink award winning beer, be entertained and see these great spots. On this private tour, you will enjoy a a lot of cold brew and a professional guide who will serve up good laughs on what TripAdvisor.com ranks as one of the best brewery tours in the city. Our progressive, award-winning brewers are phenomenal combined with our top-notch VIP service.

The Definition of Beer:

1. alcoholic beverage(s) usually made from malted cereal grain (as barley), flavored with hops, and brewed by slow fermentation
2. a carbonated nonalcoholic or a fermented slightly alcoholic beverage with flavoring from roots or other plant parts
3. fermented mash

Where is the Napa Valley of Beer?:
1. San Diego

If you are in San Diego and if you happen to enjoy beer, then you absolutely need to experience our award winning breweries. Come enjoy the best tour company, the best breweries, and the finest beer in San Diego. Let our connections be yours for the experience of a lifetime. We love beer and we love sharing this passion with you!

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