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The San Diego Tour

Join us on a comprehensive sightseeing tour of San Diego, also known as America's Finest City, where you can discover the natural beauty and rich history of this vibrant place. Whether you meet us at our Downtown San Diego location or choose our pick-up service from your hotel, we will take you to explore the city's most renowned spots, including Coronado, Hotel Del Coronado, El Prado, Gaslamp Quarter, Embarcadero, and Balboa Park. San Diego offers a perfect blend of family-friendly wholesomeness, exciting nightlife, stunning natural beauty, and beautifully crafted architecture, making it a place that attracts visitors from all over the world. As the top tour company in San Diego, we take pride in providing the highest level of service, and we look forward to showing you our city with the utmost style and class.

The Balboa Park E-Bike Tour

Welcome to the Balboa Park E-Bike Tour, where we're about to let you in on San Diego's best-kept secret! Prepare to uncover what locals already know: Balboa Park is an absolute gem. As the largest urban cultural park in the entire country, it holds a special place among San Diego's many attractions. Get ready to be amazed! Don't miss out on this opportunity to unveil the magic of Balboa Park. Join us on our E-Bike tour and become privy to the secrets that make this park so special. Get ready for a day of adventure, exploration, and unforgettable memories. Book now and let the excitement begin!
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The Highlights Express Tour

Don't miss out on the most comprehensive and entertaining tour of San Diego with our Highlights Express Tour, the most popular half-day (4 hour) tour in the city! From the sparkling Coronado to the Historic Gaslamp Quarter, Balboa Park, USS Midway Museum, and The Unconditional Surrender Statue, you will see the absolute best parts of San Diego. But the highlight of the tour is undoubtedly the visit to La Jolla, arguably the most beautiful and posh part of the city, with dramatic ocean views, rugged cliffs, abundant marine life, posh shopping, and fine dining. With many stops along the way, you'll get to explore each sight up close and personal. Book now to experience the city's natural beauty and rich history with the utmost style and class.
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The San Diego Highlights Tour

The San Diego Highlights Tour is an all-day adventure that you cannot miss. This comprehensive and entertaining tour takes you to the most beautiful and famous parts of America's Finest City. Starting in Downtown San Diego, you will visit Coronado, The Hotel Del Coronado, The Historic Gaslamp Quarter, Embarcadero, and Balboa Park. You will have a one-hour lunch break in the Gaslamp Quarter before heading to the stunning coastline of La Jolla. This part of the city is known as "The Jewel" and is home to many of San Diego's wealthiest residents. You will explore the natural cove, mysterious caves, rugged cliffs, and abundant marine life, all while enjoying the stunning views of the coastline and mountains. Join us for a day full of adventure, beauty, and amazing backstories. Book now and experience San Diego in the most stylish and classy way possible.
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The Balboa Park Walking Tour

Take an escorted historical walking tour at Balboa Park in San Diego. Balboa Park is national treasure which is a joy to be explored. In 1868 San Diego’s founders carved out a large swath of undeveloped land to create this majestic public park, just outside of downtown. Although Balboa Park’s fanciful buildings and road system were largely developed for two expositions in 1915-16 and 1935-36, the park is equally notable for its mature botanical collection and beautiful gardens. Come explore this San Diego treasure with us and enjoy the beautiful park that we love.

The Ultimate San Diego Tour

Enjoy our most popular private tour of ‘America’s Finest City'! This tour begins when we pick you up to transport you throughout the most renowned & beautiful parts of our city. On this tour, you will experience Coronado, the Historic Gaslamp Quarter, beautiful Balboa Park, and lovely La Jolla, with its amazing cove and pristine beaches.

The Famous San Diego Tour

This tour provides a unique experience through gorgeous Coronado Island, The Historic Gaslamp Quarter, Balboa Park, the Embarcadero, and Little Italy too. Our professional tour guide will be sure to make the tour tailor-made to your interests as we experience America's Finest City.

The Balboa Park Segway Tour

On this Balboa Park Segway tour you will learn what San Diego locals know, that Balboa Park is San Diego’s best kept secret! As the largest urban cultural park in the country, Balboa Park is one of the most unique attractions in San Diego. From hiking trails, to desert gardens and world-class museums, you could easily spend an entire day in this gorgeous San Diego park.

The Balboa Park Sightseeing Tour

With over 1200 acres, making it larger than Central Park, Balboa Park has something for everyone. On this informative and enlightening tour, we’ll show you the best of Balboa Park. From the unique cultural sights and the hands-on museums to the world-renown theaters and breathtaking gardens, we’ll clue you in on the best tips and tricks to making the most of your Balboa experience!

The Ultimate Balboa Park Experience

Take a private escorted tour at Balboa Park in San Diego. Balboa Park is national treasure just waiting to be explored. With so much to see and do, planning your visit to Balboa Park can be overwhelming, but we will simplify it. Here is a tour that includes a pass to all the Museums, we guide you throughout and help to answer any questions.

F13131014Welcome to Balboa Park – the nation’s largest urban cultural park. Home to 15 major museums, renowned performing arts venues, beautiful gardens and the San Diego Zoo, the Park has an ever-changing calendar of museum exhibitions, plays, musicals, concerts, and classes—all in the beautiful and timeless setting of this must-see San Diego attraction.

Enjoy Balboa Park – a special place where you can experience San Diego’s natural beauty, wonderful art and culture and stunning Spanish Revival architecture.

We offer a variety of incredible tours to help you get the most out of your visit to Balboa Park. Allow us to be your guides and to share this area’s incredible scenery and history, in this pristine and unique setting.

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