The Balboa Park Walking Tour

Take an escorted historical walking tour at Balboa Park in San Diego. Balboa Park is national treasure which is a joy to be explored. In 1868 San Diego’s founders carved out a large swath of undeveloped land to create this majestic public park, just outside of downtown. Although Balboa Park’s fanciful buildings and road system were largely developed for two expositions in 1915-16 and 1935-36, the park is equally notable for its mature botanical collection and beautiful gardens. Come explore this San Diego treasure with us and enjoy the beautiful park that we love.

The Gaslamp Quarter Walking Tour

Enjoy a walk through one of the most dynamic and diverse areas in San Diego! Framed by many great restaurants and shops, this tour begins on 4th Avenue, a vibrant street with the historic William Heath Davis home, The Horton Grand Hotel, and many other legendary spots. The tour includes architecturally significant structures of the period from Old City Hall to the Romanesque style Keating Building, to the Baroque Revival Louis Bank of Commerce, along with fascinating stories of the people and characters that shaped the destiny of San Diego.

The La Jolla Walking Tour

La Jolla, California is considered "The Jewel" of San Diego, and Another Side Of San Diego Tours offers a remarkable walking tour to allow you to discover where this great nickname came from. This tour begins at La Jolla Cove, which is the coastal area of La Jolla Village. Guest's will experience dramatic ocean views, coastal bluffs, caves, and shoreline that you could only imagine existed. La Jolla's spectacular coastal blend with mother nature cannot be fully captured in words. One can only experience this. Then we explore Prospect , Girard, and Fay which are the playing grounds for the local. This is a paradise for shopping, culture, dining, and art.

The San Diego Tide Pool Tour

A wide variety of animals will literally be at your fingertips as you get to hold brittle stars, tickle sea anemones, and many other sea creatures. Unlike the Atlantic Coast or Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Coast is in a sweet spot for intertidal diversity that includes sponges, sea anemones, marine worms, mollucks (chitons, limpets, marine snails, nudibraches. bivalves, octopus), barnacles, crabs, starfish (technically sea stars), urchins, sea cucumbers, tunicates, fish, and seaweed. If you love the marine ecosystem, consider embarking on a guided tide pool tour, we are sure you will love this too!

Old Town Walking Tour

The Old Town Historical Walking Tour provides the perfect opportunity to explore the history of San Diego. Old Town San Diego is considered the "birthplace" of California. The Old Town Historic Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. It features amazing old historic houses, unique specialty shops, the first San Diego newspaper office and spectacular gardens. Take this walking tour to discover some of the most beautiful sights that the Old Town of San Diego has to offer.

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