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San Diego City ToursGet ready to dive into a world of thrilling adventures, filled to the brim with mystery, clues, and the most exciting chase you’ve ever experienced! Our scavenger hunts are carefully designed to bring you immense joy and incredible value, making them the ultimate choice for corporate team building and group outings.

Our meticulously crafted scavenger hunts guarantee endless excitement and offer you the chance to explore new locations, put your problem-solving skills to the test, and create lasting bonds with your fellow adventurers. Whether you’re planning a delightful family outing, a team-building extravaganza for your colleagues, or simply seeking an unforgettable adventure with your friends, our scavenger hunts have something special for everyone. With a wide range of themes and locations, you can handpick the perfect hunt to match your interests and preferences.

At our core, we’re fueled by a passion for delivering incredible adventures and unforgettable moments. Our scavenger hunts are designed to bring people together, ignite your curiosity, and awaken the thrill-seeker within. So gather your team, put on your detective hat, and let the exhilarating hunt begin! Explore our diverse selection of scavenger hunts and get ready for an extraordinary journey like no other. Get ready to have a blast!

The La Jolla Scavenger Hunt

On this exciting hunt, your team will be guided throughout the most beautiful area of San Diego known as “The Jewel”. The La Jolla coastline and it’s glamorous village is the backdrop as we explore this epic seaside town while answering clues and performing tasks that includes the art and history of this extraordinary place. Everyone will enjoy as they out-guile their opponents all in an attempt to be proclaimed the WINNERS!

The Balboa Park Scavenger Hunt

Discover the beauty and history of Balboa Park with our exciting scavenger hunt! Explore one of San Diego's most beloved landmarks as you solve clues and discover hidden gems within the park. Perfect for corporate groups, families, friends, and tourists, our scavenger hunt is an enjoyable and educational way to experience this magnificent place.

The Gaslamp Quarter Scavenger Hunt

With San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp Quarter as the playing field, we will divide your group into teams and pit them against each other in a Scavenger Hunt to lay claim to has the most competitive, smartest, unique, gutsy, and creative genius. Your guides will do their best steer your team to victory, but discovering the keys to the clues and finding the answers are up to you. In this exciting and fun hunt, guests are left in gut-wrenching laughter, as they look to solve clues and accomplish a series of tasks as they race against the clock to seek victory over their peers.

The Amazing Chase

Friendly competition is one of the best ways to foster team building. Inspired by the hit TV show The Amazing Race, this outdoor activity will require coworkers to band together to achieve each challenge and complete The Amazing Chase. From brain teasers to physical challenges to problem solving, this competition will leave your organization bonded with fits of laughs!

The Coronado Scavenger Hunt

Coronado is Spanish for "crowned one", and thus it is nicknamed The Crown City. Explore Historic Coronado with your staff on this incredible Team Building activity. Your team will enjoy a fun activity in one of the most gorgeous neighborhood in San Diego. This experience that will not only inform them about this great place, but will also provide them with a great bonding experience too.

The Mission Beach Scavenger Hunt

Your team's bonds will grow as they are having fun in a completely opposite setting of the office, and frankly, that’s just the beginning. Your team will explore the sand, take in the sights along the Ocean boardwalk, while being introduced to our favorite local spots, and the best part of San Diego, our beach. Everyone will enjoy as they out-guile their opponents all in an attempt to be proclaimed the WINNERS!

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