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Another Side Of San Diego Tours


The Jungle Trail Horseback Ride

Journey along on this private guided tour surrounded by Wild Nasturtiums and verdant trees which create a shady canopy overhead as you and your horse ride down white sand trails through a river valley. Listen for exotic migrating birds as well as local wildlife including rabbits. Keep an eye out for seasonal wild roses, wild raspberries and other unique plants that decorate this trail.

The Riverbed Horseback Ride

Saddle up for a scenic and leisurely horseback ride led by expert wranglers. Ride through the Tijuana River Valley! Take the time to take the off-road during your stay in San Diego. This tour will lead you through a beautiful landscape with Wild Nasturtiums and verdant trees, wildlife, seasonal flowers and wild fruits. This ride will be sure to give you a relaxing experience in nature, for both you and your group.

The Sunset Beach Ride

Ever dreamed of riding horseback on the beach during sunset? Make that dream become reality with this perfect private tour. The picturesque sky views during this tour will make for the best photo opportunities for your group, whether family or friends. Your tour expert tour guide will take you along the sandy beaches in San Diego County.

The Sea Shore Horse Ride

Looking to escape the busy city? Make your dreams come true and ride down sandy white beaches with the waves lapping at your horses feet. Our beach ride experience takes you through the San Diego’s Tijuana River Valley out to the southernmost beach in California, ride right up to the border fence. Dolphins, pelicans, seals and endangered birds can be seen on this beautiful stretch of beach.

The Mesa Trail Horseback Ride

Nothing beats the experience of your very own horseback ride. If you consider yourself an experienced rider, come journey along on this private guided tour surrounded up the beautiful mountains. Your guide will lead you up for an adventure of a lifetime, where you can enjoy magnificent views for great photo opportunities.

The Horseback Ride to the Beach

Live your dream!!! Come enjoy a romantic horseback ride on one of San Diego's beautiful beaches. Imagine the waves crashing around you, the smell of salt air and the sun setting in the distance while you follow the glistening shoreline on horseback. This is an amazing experience that you will remember for years to come. There are very few places that permit this unique and breathtaking trip, so do not miss out.

The Horseback Riding Trail Ride

Nothing to do? Want to enjoy the outdoors? Saddle up and enjoy a relaxing ride through beautiful nature trails in San Diego. Bring a friend or the whole family and pass the time old-west style. Trail rides are guided and fun for everyone. Whether you want to stroll along or take an exhilarating ride we have the horse and the experience that you are looking for.


Another Side Of San Diego Tours offers an array of amazing experiences guaranteed to take you away from the ordinary. Step outside and spend some time horseback riding in San Diego.

Whether you want to stroll along or take an exhilarating ride we have the horse and the experience you are looking for. Breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful riding locations away from the tourists and hustle of the city.

Explore San Diego and ride along the beach with your horse. As horse lovers ourselves, we can assure you that your horseback riding experience with us will be one that you will never want to forget. We look forward to having you ride with us. See you soon!